"I've worked with Bryon and BWH MusicGroup for several years now, and they are total pros from the top down.  From their in-depth interviews and thoughtful reviews to their award-nominated compilation albums, I'm very impressed with all things BWH!"

Mr Bota 5 Star Reviews
Mr Bota 5 Star Review Bryon Harris


"Working with BWH Music Group is always a pleasure.  I know my Clients will receive a thorough, professional and honest review written by real music journalists.  Their communication skills are top notch and Bryon is also brilliant in the studio!  I'm always seeking great opportunities for my clients and BWH has proven to be an amazing resource.  If you're in the market for anything BWH Music Group offers, do yourself a favor and contact them today"


Angelica Cassiday

"A Grammy-nominated and decorated Nashville songwriter contacted me after hearing me on your album, and reached out to me. He wants to collaborate, so we’ve been exchanging tracks and writing together. And now I'm going to Nashville in November to record a new single with him! I’m hoping for big things! And it’s all cause of you guys!! Thank you so much. "

Mr Bota 5 Star Reviews
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Mr Bota 5 Star Review Bryon Harris


"BWH mastered a multi-genre album that featured my song "All I Need" on it. Mastering 15 songs in all kinds of genres was certainly a challenge and BWH did a great job. The album received a lot of positive press and an award nomination (IMA). The promotion package was excellent too. My base is in Switzerland so it was great to get my song noticed in the U.S. BWH really took good care of me and it was a great experience working with them. "