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We genuinely love connecting with artists like you, getting to know your project inside out, and discussing how we can bring your musical vision to life. During our conversation, we'll explore your unique needs, offer you the best rates possible, and ensure that your sound stands out in the industry. As a bonus, BWH provides a free PR campaign on Indie Talk to help promote your music and increase your visibility. Let's have a chat and embark on a remarkable sonic journey together!  - BWH (Bryon William Harris)

Passionate & Professional Post-Production Services 

Michael Stover has released 40+ Top 40 New Music Weekly country chart singles, including 15#1s and 8 Top 85 Music Row chart singles.  MTS has also promoted 60+ Top 40 itunes chart singles, including 60+ Top 5s and 40+ #1s, AND a Top 5 Billboard Magazine chart hit.  Michael has written columns featured in Hypebot, Music Think Tank,  and Fair Play Country Music, among others. Michael is a 2020 Hermes Creative Awards Winner and a 2020 dotComm Awards Winner for marketing and communication.


Austin TX + Worldwide 

We are thrilled to call Austin, Texas our home base, and yet our reach extends far beyond our city limits. Our passion lies in collaborating with talented artists from all corners of the globe, providing them with top-notch online music post-production services. From mixing to mastering, we offer our expertise to refine and perfect your music to the highest standards.

"I've worked with Bryon and BWH MusicGroup for several years now, and they are total pros from the top down.  From their in-depth interviews and thoughtful reviews to their award-nominated compilation albums, I'm very impressed with all things BWH!"

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Indie Talk

BWH Studio takes great pride in being the creative force behind Indie Talk, a platform that showcases podcasts, reviews, interviews, and news from independent artists. When artists choose BWH Studio for their music mixing and/or mastering needs, they not only benefit from top-notch professional services but also unlock a complimentary music release promo campaign on Indie Talk.

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